Our Team

Education Director

Becky Lin: Born and raised in China, Becky came to the USA when she was a teenager and studied Psychology and Education at Dartmouth College. Intrigued by children’s superior ability to acquire multiple languages, Becky chose to become a Mandarin teacher in 2009 and has been enjoying it ever since. Her background has given her rich insights into curriculum development and language teaching. She recently became a new mom to a baby girl and has been adamant about exposing her daughter to Chinese from birth. Becky is more committed than ever to the mission of making Lango a neighborhood family center where children can learn a new language and culture, while having fun.

Teaching Staff

Lango’s teachers make our classes truly exceptional. Each of our teachers is a native speaker and has a master’s degree or equivalent experience. In our selection process, we look for five distinct qualities: native/bilingual fluency, limitless positive energy, creativity, teaching experience and outstanding communication skills with both children and their parents. Beyond these qualities, our teachers bring unique cultural perspectives and professional backgrounds that enable them to create rich and engaging experiences in the classroom.

Anayeli Miranda, Spanish Preschool Teacher: A native Spanish speaker from Mexico, Ana is currently a graduate student studying Early Childhood Education at Brooklyn College. She started at Lango as an after school teacher and assistant preschool teacher in 2013. Currently, she is the lead teacher for the immersion preschool and for the after school classes at various Lango partner locations. In addition to the experience she received at Lango, Ana has also gained considerable insight into teaching younger children through her responsibilities as an older sister, taking care of her younger siblings and cousins.

Adriana Rojas, Spanish Preschool Assistant Teacher: Adriana was born and raised in Mexico. She came to the U.S. when she was 5 years old. Spanish is still the only language spoken in her household because her parents do not speak English well. Around the age of 14, Adriana decided to become a preschool teacher as she found the subject of child development fascinating. Adriana is close to completing her teaching certification at Lehman College.

Aileen Yen, Mandarin Preschool Teacher: Aileen is a native of Taoyuan, Taiwan. She studied Art in at Zhen Sheng Christian College. After graduation, Aileen became an early childhood art teacher in Taipei. Her background includes directing theater productions and creating artwork. Aileen is one of the most popular Lango instructors and mother of a budding bilingual (Mandarin/English) four-year-old named Lili. She is the lead teacher for the Mandarin immersion preschool.

Shirley Chan, Mandarin Preschool Assistant Teacher: Shirley is from Chongqing, China, which is where she obtained her college degree in education. Before Lango, her professional experiences range from tutoring to coordinating after school programs. After moving to the U.S. with her husband, Shirley continued to pursue a career in education and started working at Lango in 2014. When not working, Shirley enjoys painting, cooking and spending time with her family.

Laura Martinez, Spanish Afterschool Teacher: Laura has always embraced language as a branch closely intertwined with her Mexican culture. She is an aspiring Speech Pathologist, currently working on her degree at Brooklyn College, while holding a B.A. in Psychology. Discovering her passion of working with children early on Laura has 5+years of experience with children in the after school setting. She currently conducts her own Spanish after school class as a Lango instructor, as well as being an assistant instructor.

Michelle Palmieri, Spanish Afterschool Teacher: Michelle is a dedicated teaching artist who enjoys working with kids. Born and raised in Guatemala, she moved to USA to get her Bachelor Degree in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music. Her teaching experience and journey dates back to 2010. She uses music as an important resource to teach Spanish.

Moreen Jiang, Mandarin After School Teacher: Moreen has been involved in the children education field for 3+ years, teaching bilingual After School to children back in Taiwan. Her method of teaching involves her talent as a performer; by incorporating tap dance, choreography, and singing to her lesson, she shows kids the joy of learning. “The best way to learn is to have fun while learning,” she says. Moreen currently teaches Mandarin after school class as a Lango instructor.