Materials & Review

When it comes to learning a new language, the more exposure the better. For this reason, we provide our students and families with various at-home reinforcement tools that any parent (regardless of language ability) can put to use.

These materials include:

  • Lango Adventure Workbooks, updated and interactive versions of our highly esteemed storybooks. Adventure Workbooks include interactive activity sheets for every chapter, providing students with a chance to read and write in their new language (or simply to color the pages!).
  • Lango Adventure CDs (two in Spanish and one in Mandarin) include ten songs which are aligned with the subject matter we teach in our classes. They’re also a ton of fun!
  • Lango Memory Cards feature key vocabularies from our books and our classes and provide fun opportunities for quizzing and learning at home.
  • Review Sheets contain most keywords and phrases taught in a class and provide parents opportunities for reinforcing them at home.
We often find that parents learn more of the target language than expected. Be prepared to expand your Spanish or Mandarin vocabulary while helping your child reach their optimal learning potential!

Audio Files 

We also provide audio files for all Lango storybooks, worksheets, music, and flashcards. To access them, subscribe to the Parent Resource Center here. If you need help with the registration process and navigating the Resource Center, see the tutorials below or contact us: