About Us

What’s Lango?

Lango was established on the belief that every American child should learn a second language. Frustrated by the lack of options to teach our own kids another language (and having met many other families with the same concern), we set out to create a program that would teach kids new languages in a way that they would love. Since 2006, Lango has taught thousands of children ages 1-8 new languages in full immersion classes and camps through culturally based music, art, games, stories, and movement.

Lango Kids is a member of the Lango Language Cooperative. Our members provide classes for kids in schools, after school programs, daycares, community centers, their own schools, and studios.

At Lango your child will:

  • Learn a foreign language
  • Make developmental strides
  • Gain an appreciation for other cultures
  • Make new friends in the classroom
Does it work?

Definitely! In fact, studies have consistently shown that the best time to begin learning a second language is when a child is learning his/her first. From birth through about age eight, a “learning window” is open that allows kids to learn a language naturally and easily. The younger the learner, the more likely he/she is to acquire the language with an authentic accent and to retain vocabulary and grammatical patterns over time. Children who learn a language at an early age are more likely to:

  • Develop native pronunciation
  • Express themselves creatively in both their first and second language
  • Perform strongly in school and on standardized tests
  • Understand other cultures and abstract ways of thinking
  • Become bilingual or multilingual, offering global career opportunities down the line
How much will my child learn?

Of course, the rate at which a child learns a new language depends on the amount of exposure he/she has to native speakers. With native speaking teachers leading Lango classes, your child will begin to understand words, then phrases, then sentences. He/She will also begin to answer simple questions, speak in short phrases and then engage in simple conversation. We recommend attending at least two classes a week for optimal language retention.